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From the first time we used Storm we have had prompt service, competitive pricing and good technicians. As landlords our tenants expect us to respond quickly with HVAC issues and we need a team behind us that appreciates that expectation and follows through. We have found our long term partner with Storm Mechanical. - Bruce Cyr Property Manager of Jacklin Land Company


"Chad was awesome! He even called me to say he could come 4hrs sooner if that helped. That was perfect with us! He was super nice chatting with my husband (he's retired with Parkinson's & doesn't get to have those manly conversations much on capacitors & how they are made??). He even spent some time showing me some extras, such as how long to go with the filter". - Geraldine S., Coeur d'Alene 


Storm Mechanical is the premier HVAC company in the area. My experience with Storm Mechanical ranges from commercial to residential, new construction to service and repair. Storm Mechanical is honest, friendly and committed to their customers. One example that exemplifies their superior customer service is when our machine shop’s air conditioner froze up on a hot Friday late afternoon due to us not changing our dirty air filters. The air conditioner in our machine shop is critical to keep the ambient temperature at a constant 68 degrees to protect the CNC machines from getting too hot. A call to Storm Mechanical and they had a service technician at our shop in less than 1 hour where they identified and fixed the problem immediately as well as set us up on a recurring maintenance plan to ensure we didn’t go down again. This is just one of my many great experiences dealing with Storm Mechanical and I would recommend them to anyone for any HVAC project.
- Tyler Alvarado, CPA MBA Chief Executive Officer

Storm Mechanical converted my home from propane to natural gas. This was a relatively small job in the midst of a busy summer season, but Tom and his team worked this job into their busy schedule in a very timely and professional manner. They replaced my water heater (which could not be converted) with a higher-quality unit and reworked my furnace, kitchen range, and fireplace to use natural gas. When my fireplace manufacturer sent an incomplete conversion kit, Tom supplied the proper parts from his own stock. The Storm team worked quickly and efficiently, and they verified the operation of each appliance. I was very pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the whole process went. Their bid was competitive and the work was top-notch. Not only would I recommend Storm to others, but I have requested that Storm quote on enhancements and upgrades to my existing heating system. I really feel that I can trust this knowledgeable and skilled team. - Holland 


Coeur d’Alene residents Bob and Helen Piller are both in their 90’s, and until recently, led an active gardening life and also liked to do what they call “neighboring” where they visit with and help out their neighbors. In late December their neighbors, James and Kimberly Dunn were able to return the favor of looking out for them.

Avista received a call from Dunn because he thought he smelled a gas odor. It turns out the odor came from the Piller’s old oil furnace which had broken down, resulting in many gallons of leaking oil throughout the basement of their home.


The Pillers had some choices to make. They needed heat and they needed it quickly. With the price of oil consistently on the rise and a broken oil furnace, their situation presented the option to convert to a different fuel – natural gas. As luck would have it, the Dunns recently converted from oil heating to natural gas. This was a perfect opportunity for the Pillers to get service to their home by splitting off from an existing service line, also known as a split service. The Dunns were more than willing to help their neighbors out with the conversion process. They had Storm Mechanical, who they hired for their own furnace installation come out and assess the situation.  

“Bob and Helen had been without heat since Monday,” Dunn said. “Tom Norris from Storm Mechanical was down in Kellogg, but he made it back here by 5 p.m. Tuesday night. Tom also called a trained furnace salesman and was able to get the furnace overnight.”

Wednesday, Norris came into Avista’s Coeur d’Alene office and explained the situation to Construction Project Coordinator Rick Berger.

Before Berger left the office Wednesday morning, Dunn had called and gave Avista permission to perform any kind of work that would help his neighbor. They signed the split agreement and the real work began.

Now that’s fast service.

Since Storm Mechanical was already in the process of removing the old furnace, they told Avista they could have the new one installed and piped out before the end of the day, Wednesday.

Back at the Avista office, Construction Services Technician and Scheduler Charmaine Heidt called in for emergency locates and checked on crew availability. Berger designed a job and Construction Services Technician Geena Lehti processed the job and created a contract. Gas Foremen Monte Slinkard, Kevin Bridge and Journeyman Gas Justin Harty stopped by, picked up the job, and headed over to the Pillers to install the service. Despite having to hand-dig in very snowy conditions, by 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, a meter was installed, pressurized and ready for service.

“Everyone was great,” Dunn said. “Both Avista and Storm Mechanical were adamant about the equipment rebate for a high efficiency natural gas furnace which definitely helped alleviate costs. They were also very fast and efficient. They were in and out even though it was snowing that day.”

The inspector from the City of Coeur d’Alene also came out at 4 p.m. to inspect, approve and pull the lock from the meter. This may seem like no big deal however, it is not too often that the city does inspections after 3 p.m. The Piller’s new furnace was fired up and good to go at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

“The stars aligned that day,” Berger said. “Getting gas service to a customer in one day rarely ever happens. But through the collaborative efforts of caring neighbors, Storm Mechanical, the City of Coeur d’Alene and Avista employees, we were able to provide service for this nice couple.” Stars and alignment aside, the gas service installation is a testament to employees going above and beyond to get the job done and work well with other stakeholders to provide excellent customer service. - Berger 




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